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Many of the activities you'll read about in 'No Props' are featured in playmeo, the world's most comprehensive online database of group games and activites. Step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, leadership tips and lessons plans. RRP $47.00 - but you get $10 off, for 12 months access to this amazing activity library.

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One Hour 'Expert' Consultation with me

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This bonus will give you an HUGE $15 discount on the purchase price of my best-selling activity publication 'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment.'

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... They're FUN, innovative, appeal to people of all ages & abilities, and are perfect for LARGE groups,

... and more than 90% of the activities can be used with small groups (less than 25 people) too,

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Are You Looking For A Collection Of
The Most Successful Ice-Breakers, Energisers,
Interactive Games & Team-Building Events
That Work With LARGE Groups?
'Count Me In' Is Jam-Packed With 100's of Simple, Interactive Games That Will Quickly & Easily "Break The Ice" & Energise Your Group!
Click ORDER NOW link to get your hands on Count Me In today!
Click ORDER NOW link to get your hands on Count Me In today!
Buy Count Me In TODAY - and get No Props for $16 discount!
MORE THAN 300 ice-breakers, energisers,
interactive games and team events that are
designed specifically to work with large groups of
people (indeed, 90% work with small groups too).
More than half of the activities require no equipment
whatsoever, and appeal to people of all ages,
backgrounds and abilities.
Illustrations which capture the essence of every
activity which will help you easily 'see' it and recreate
its magic.
Dozens of fun, innovative ways to split your large
group into smaller groups.
effectively with large groups that will help you
create a fun learning environment and foster surprising
levels of participation.
positively impact your program everytime, and invite
everyone to 'play.'
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Activities, Training & Resources To Inspire You

Large Group Activities That Work

'Count Me In' features hundreds of sure-fire, high-energy, interactive, leave-them-wanting-for-more activities for BIG (and small) groups.

If you regularly work with numbers in excess of 30 people - indeed, up to several hundred people - you will learn a ton of brilliant actvity ideas that will keep them - ALL of them - occupied and interacting at the same time, and coming back for more.

You'll also learn some of the most useful and practical leadership tips that will squeeze more than just fun out of your programs and make you look like an expert.

Published by Project Adventure Inc, the largest publisher
of adventure education titles in the world, 'Count Me In' features:
Hi, my name is Mark Collard, the top-selling author of Count Me In
Hi, my name is Mark Collard.

I'd like to tell you about one of  Australia's most popular activity publications called...
watch this short video...
Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work - Ice-Breakers, Energisers, Get-To-Know-You Games, Energisers, Warm-Ups & Stretches, Tag Games, Trust Exercises & Group Problem-Solving Activities
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
"... Mark, I have no words to describe
my joy. The book is in my hot little
hands :-). It is great, and I'm sure
it will be good for our team ..."

- Dimitar, Youth Worker, Bulgaria
"... I work for 3 and have been using
some of your idea's (games/ice-
breakers) in my team warm ups when we
have cold calling days, they have all
been a massive success and I wanted to
say thank you..."

   - Kerry, corporate trainer, VIC
"... It was AMAZING to put your book
into practise straight away, the
improvement in my facilitation with
groups was really evident. I am a lot
more confident in my delivery and can
deal with any changes as they arise

- Clint, School Camps Leader, QLD
"... I am using the book heaps because
I work with school programs. Each time
I run a games session, I try to use a
new game from your book. It's an
excellent resource. Thanx heaps ..."
         - Penne, Teacher, NSW
"... Mark, I have found your book to
be an invaluable resource in my work
as a youth director for a large church
organisation. It contains material
that is fun and easy to use, ... well
suited to those of us who have very
busy schedules ... in short - a
magnificent book! ..."
      - Murray, Youth Worker, QLD
"... I have learned a LOT from your
book and am already drawing
connections to how I can better my
programs. Thank you, thank you, thank
you! ..."
              - Stella, YMCA, VIC
"... I have just returned from
Narrabeen Academy of Sport where I
accompanied my students for a 3 day
camp. I was really impressed with many
of the activities, especially the team
building games. The instructors showed
me your book which they use as a
resource. I now want to purchase it
           - Nehama, Teacher, NSW
"... The activities in Count Me In are
great. A huge plus has been the way
that the activities get rid of the
children's habit of being picky about
which partners or groups they end up
with. I pointed this out to my group
and they were blown away by the fact
that the activities become so much
more fun when they don't worry about
social issues. Thanks for putting
together such a great resource - keep
up the brilliant work ..."
      - Bernard, teacher, NSW
"... I would like to thank you for
writing a book that has been very
useful for me when trying to engage
some very negative and entrenched
people within local government. The
activities have been very well
received ..."
   - Peter, Corporate Trainer, WA
"... the activities invite everybody
to participate without feeling foolish
even if you do something wrong. The
book explains the activities very
simply and the drawings give you an
indication on how to organise the
group and activity. I am looking
forward to using some of the
activities for our next school camp
           - Paul, Teacher, QLD
"... Another great tool to have in the
kit. Great activities to use, easy to
understand and no equipment needed to
facilitate on the run ..."
   - Brad, Corporate Trainer, VIC
"... I LOVE your "inspiration"!  Thank
you for all of the great ideas which I
so appreciate in my classroom!  I'm so
sad that I loaned "Count Me In" to a
colleague, who has lost it...  :-(  
It's the beginning of my school year,
and that book really is one of my core
pieces ..."

         - Sharlene, teacher, USA
Click ORDER NOW link to get your hands on Count Me In today!
'Count Me In' is just the trick to keep 30, 50 or hundreds of people occupied, having fun and active all at the same time.

All up, 260 pages of the most contagiously-fun, interactive group games that I know and have used successfully in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan and Taiwan over the past 22 years.

These ice-breakers, get-to-know-you-games, energisers, interactive games and team-building activities work because people love 'em.

I guarantee that you and your group will too.

To make it easy for you, more than half of the activities contained in 'Count Me In' can be played right NOW - because they require no equipment whatsoever.

It's the perfect companion to 'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment.'

Here's a sneak preview of just 4 of the 300 activities you'll discover within 'Count Me In' (click the links below:)

(you'll need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these pages - click here if you don't have one).
Partner Intro's - fun get-to-know-you more game

Mapping - interesting ice-breaker

Leaning Tower of Feetza - crazy group initiative

Talking Behind Your Back - great closure activity
So, What Does 'Count Me In' Cost?
No book or resource is worth its price unless it gives you OUTSTANDING VALUE - which is why I offer a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

You'll either love the ideas, activities and advice in this book, or you'll get your money back - simple as that.

At AUD$65
AUD$54 (which includes postage anywhere in Australia), it's worth every cent. That's less than 18 cents for every idea and activity described within its 260 fun-filled pages.

A more powerful question to ask is ...

               How much is a good idea worth to you?

And don't worry...

... if for any reason you're not happy
with the book, the content, the level
of inspiration you get from reading my
ideas, whatever, you have a complete
guarantee to protect your investment.
Yes, I will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with Count Me In

Hey, you're my customer. And if you're
not happy, then it looks bad on me.

So, if you're not satisfied with what you discover from
'Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work' then I
don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money.

Just simply whip off an email to me, return the book in the
post and I'll happily refund your money in full (including
the return postage).
That's about as fair as it gets, right?

But, don't just take my word for it.

Take a look at the customer testimonials on the right panel, or click here for dozens more just like them ...
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Yours ... Valued at $125
Let's Recap What
You're Really Getting Here ...
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
Click HERE To Order Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
"... Count Me In and No Props are MUST
HAVE books for anyone wanting to
create a positive atmosphere in the
class. Brilliant activities that are
written so clearly and are easy to
follow. My students love the variety
and the fast paced changes of
activities. Couldn't be happier ..."
         - Heath, teacher, VIC
"... I have used your activities and
games! Very successfully too I might
add. In sharing these games the Team
are building their own databases of
games and activities. So let me thank
you again for putting all the ideas
down on paper ..."
     - John, Youth Worker, QLD