Professional Development

Learning Through Doing & Having Fun

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professional development workshops throughout Australia.

How To Run Programs That Inspire Trust, Interaction & Fun (1 day)
Introduction to critical program design and facilitation skills featuring
dozens of group activities which develop self-esteem & inspire trust, co-
operation and outrageous fun.

Designing Extraordinary Experiential-Based Curriculum (3 days)
Intensive and interactive program to immerse and equip experienced
educators and leaders with state of the art "hard" and "soft" group
programming skills.

Mastering Group Facilitation (2 days)
Intensive program in which participants design, deliver and process a
short "program," and then receive structured, professional and valuable
feedback designed to strengthen their programming and leadership skills.
Hi, my name is Mark Collard,

I design and deliver training programs and professional
development workshops that are more than just fun ...

... they inspire.

Ten minutes to five days, anywhere in Australia, any number of people, I've been inspiring groups for more than 23 years.

Choose to attend one of my innovative one to three day public enrolment workshops, or better still ...

... invite me to deliver a custom program that will meet your group's specific needs.

Public Enrolment Workshops
Hi, my name is Mark Collard and these are the most popular forms of PD workshops I deliver throughout Australia...
Most Popular
For Experienced Practitioners
New Custom Workshop
Custom-Designed Workshops

Backed by more than 20 years of professional experience, I'll design and facilitate a fun, interactive and rewarding program for your group that is guaranteed to achieve your specific goals.

Ideal for staff training programs, business meetings and conferences. Click one of the following links for more information...

__Ice-Breakers & Group Games
__Team Development
__Staff Training
__Independent Facilitation
"... I can't thank you
enough for the fantastic
training experience that you
gave our team. The feedback
has been out-standing! I
wish it could have been for
longer ..."
Gabrielle, YMCA, NSW
"... I just wanted to thank
you for an amazing week - I
especially appreciate your
sense of humour, FUNN, your
stories and your energy. You
brought an atmosphere of
excitement to the week and
it was inspirational to be a
part of such a meaningful
group experience ..."
  - Lisa, teacher, USA
"... Mark is an exceptional
facilitator and teacher -
thanks so much for sharing
your pearls of wisdom and
experience with us ..."
Jon, counsellor, USA
"... I can't talk highly
enough about Mark's work-
shops - by FAR the best I
have ever attended ..."
- Heath, teacher, VIC
"... There is still a buzz
around the Centres from the
conference sessions you ran
Robert, Manager, NSW
"... Mark, you are a true
artist in games ..."
- Ginny, teacher, QLD
"... Our tourism team had a
GREAT result from the team
development day devised by
Mark - I highly recommend
this unique program to any
large team ..."
Raquel, Manager, NSW
"... I attended a session
you did up at Licola a few
years ago, it has proven to
be one of the most useful
training sessions I have
done ..."
Mitch, youth wkr, VIC
"... I attended one of
Mark's workshops and I can
honestly say it was the BEST
PD I've had since I
graduated. And it was great
FUNN too ..."
Pip, camp leader, NSW
"... Thanks again for
teaching our students like
no one else can ..."
Andrew, teacher, VIC
"... I just want to say a
heartfelt thanks for being
one of those inspirational
characters in the field, and
for doing what you do that
way you do it ..."
Deb, instructor, VIC
"... I loved watching your
session in the foyer that
day ... I couldn't believe
how much fun people were
having ..."
- Helen, Manager, VIC
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