'More Than Just Fun' is a one-day practical and interactive
program that will inspire you to design and deliver programs
that produce outstanding results and lots of happy participants.

This innovative program is lead by Mark Collard, one of
Australia's leading adventure educators, international Project
Adventure facilitator and author of the popular 'No Props' and
'Count Me In' activity books.

The program is designed specifically for people who work with groups - teachers, corporate trainers, outdoor educators and recreation staff - and want their students, staff and colleagues to interact, build team skills and have fun.

At a glance, the 'More Than Just Fun' workshop will:

The program is guaranteed to be TONS of fun, but will especially motivate and inspire you to embrace state-of-the-art group facilitation skills to produce amazing results in your programs.

Workshop Format

One-day, non-residential.
Registration 8:450am for 9:00am start, ends 3:30pm.

Emphasis on active / experiential learning, where you will be invited to participate in a series of activities working in small and large groups throughout the workshop. Ample opportunities will be afforded for group discussions to explore critical program design and facilitation skills.

Who Should Attend?

This is an introductory workshop, so there is no experience necessary.

It is specifically designed for people who work with groups - teachers, corporate trainers, youth leaders, outdoor educators and recreation staff - and want to expand their repertoire of group activities and learn critical group facilitation skills.

If you're an experienced programming practitioner, this workshop will refresh you, and provide you with lots of ideas to enhance your existing programs. Indeed, the opportunity to "be a participant" and network with others are often key attractions for many people.

Minimum Numbers?

This workshop often sells-out.

However, a minimum of 12 confirmed and paid registrations are required for this workshop to proceed. A maximum of 25 people may attend.

You are encouraged to spread the word among your friends and colleagues to ensure the minimum number of 15 participants is reached.

What To Bring?

Refreshments will be provided during the breaks, however, you will need to bring your own lunch. You should wear comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear.

Note paper and a pen are strongly recommended (because you'll want to take lots of notes).

How Much Does It Cost?

ONLY $97.00 - all participants.

Discounts apply for four or more people registered at the same time. Contact Mark for more details.

Register today by clicking the link below...
Hi, my name is Mark Collard - come join the fun and register for my innovative More Than Just Fun workshop...
Present some of the most successful group activities (ice-breakers, de-inhibitizers, trust exercises, and initiatives) that have universal appeal and require little if any equipment;
Discuss how these activities support multiple learning outcomes for personal development and communication subjects. 
Model a simple yet powerful program philosophy that is proven to foster a safe learning environment and can be used with almost any group, especially young people;
Explore critical program design and facilitation (soft) skills that foster 100% participation and successful group outcomes;
Get answers to some of your most pressing questions about how to motivate and engage your students / colleagues.
Have more fun than you've had in a long time.

No open enrolment workshops
scheduled at present.
Please contact Mark for more details.
More Than Just Fun
Running Programs That Inspire Trust, Interaction & Fun

A Professional Development Workshop for
Teachers, Outdoor Educators & Recreation Staff
Add to your activity repertoire to build team skills & well-being
Learn how to engage your students / participants in their learning
Discover activities which support multiple learning outcomes for
Personal Development & Communication subjects
Explore critical 'soft-skills' to enhance your group facilitation
Best-practice, interactive & 100% fun professional development
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"... I can't talk highly
enough about Mark's work-
shops - by FAR the best I
have ever attended ..."
- Heath, teacher, VIC
"... Mark is an exceptional
facilitator and teacher -
thanks so much for sharing
your pearls of wisdom and
experience with us ..."
Jon, counsellor, USA
"... I can't thank you
enough for the fantastic
training experience that you
gave our team. The feedback
has been out-standing! I
wish it could have been for
longer ..."
Gabrielle, YMCA, NSW
"... I attended one of
Mark's workshops and I can
honestly say it was the BEST
PD I've had since I
graduated. And it was great
FUNN too ..."
Pip, camp leader, NSW
"... I attended a session
you did up at Licola a few
years ago, it has proven to
be one of the most useful
training sessions I have
done ..."
Mitch, youth wkr, VIC
"... I loved watching your
session in the foyer that
day ... I couldn't believe
how much fun people were
having ..."
- Helen, Manager, VIC
"... Mark, you are a true
artist in games ..."
- Ginny, teacher, QLD
"... Mark, the knowledge you
brought to the workshop and
the friendly style you
delivered ensured we will
benefit as a group ..."

- Brad, corp trainer, VIC
"... I attended one of
Mark's workshops and I can
honestly say it was the BEST
PD I've had since I
graduated. And it was great
FUNN too! I've been able to
put heaps of things I learnt
to practical use since ..." 
- Pip, camp leader, NSW
"... Having the opportunity
to be a participant on your
program was absolutely
inspirational ... I just
want to say a heartfelt
thanks for being one of
those inspirational
characters in the field, and
for doing what you do that
way you do it ..."

- Deb, camps leader, VIC
"...My sincere gratitude for
the workshop. We all thought
it rocked out like a hard-
rocking rockstar, and we
took away so much more than
we thought we would..."

- Nate, youth leader, WA