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... and more than 2/3 of the activities require no equipment whatsoever to play,

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... $10 off subscription to playmeo's activity database, and
... One hour expert consultation with me.

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Hi, my name is Mark Collard.

... Are you looking for a bunch of FUN,
interactive and easy-to-use activities

that appeal to people of all ages?

... Could your program benefit from hundreds of fun group
activities that don't need any equipment?

... Do you often work with 30, 50 or 100's of people at
one time
, and don't know how to occupy them?

... Would you like to learn the secrets of truly excellent
group facilitation

If this sounds like you, then I'd like to tell you about ...

'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment'
'Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work.'

Together, they are fast becoming Australia's most popular "go-to" activity books for teachers, corporate trainers and group facilitators.

Published by Project Adventure Inc - the world's biggest publisher of adventure education titles - and written by me (Mark Collard), one of Australia's most experienced facilitators, these two books will give you a veritable treasure chest of awesome programming ideas that develop trust, communication and team skills.

Here's a SNEAK Preview of what you'll get from these two best-selling group activity publications:
Here Are Two Of The Biggest Selling
Activity Publications in Australia,
Together In One EXCLUSIVE Package
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MORE THAN 600 ice-breakers, energisers, get-to-know-
you games & team-building activities that are have been
used successfully with groups all over the world.
Ideal for school curriculum and training programs that aim to
develop trust, communication, leadership, co-operation
and team skills.
More than 2/3 of the activities require no equipment
whatsoever, and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds
and abilities.
Illustrations accompany almost every activity to help you
capture their essence and help you easily 'see' the activity to
recreate its magic.
Literally dozens of fun, innovative ways to split your large
group into smaller groups.
FIVE PROVEN STRATEGIES for developing a fun learning
environment in which everyone feels safe and supported and
fosters surprising levels of participation.
REVEALED - Thirteen simple tips which will help you
become an outstanding group facilitator, and have your
group eating out of your hands.
effectively with large groups that will help you create a fun
learning environment & foster surprising participation.
My SECRET WEAPON (that is just FOUR WORDS) for
delivering a brilliant program everytime!
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How About 600 GREAT Ideas?
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complete guarantee to protect your investment.

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Activities, Training & Resources To Inspire You

Click HERE to learn more about No Props: Great Games with No Equipment
Click HERE to learn more about Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work
watch these short videos...
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
With no fluff, no fillers, 'No Props' offers you just the best ideas, activities and program design advice you need to know, and can apply quickly and easily to your group becuase you don't need any equipment to play any of them.

Meanwhile, 'Count Me In' is just the trick to keep 30, 50 or even hundreds of people occupied, having fun and keeping active all at the same time.
Yes, I will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with Count Me In

Hey, you're my customer. And if you're
not happy, then it looks bad on me.

So, if you're not satisfied with what you discover
from 'No Props' or 'Count Me In' then I don't expect ...
or want ... to keep your money.

Just simply whip off an email to me, return the books
in the post and I'll happily refund your money in full
(including the return postage).
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
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Many of the activities you'll read about in 'No Props' and 'Count Me In' are featured in playmeo, the world's largest and most comprehensive online database of group games and activites. Step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, leadership tips and lessons plans. RRP $47.00 - but you get $10 off, for 12 months access to this amazing activity library.

And that's not all ...

One Hour 'Expert' Consultation with me

This bonus is so cool. At any time during the next twelve months, if you would like me to help you design a powerful, inspiring program for your group, or if you have any questions at all, all you have to do is call. My time is free to YOU, for one whole hour!

I'll give you my personal phone number, or we could arrange to meet. Valued at $100, you have an hour of my time to gain as much of my expertise as you can - for FREE.
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Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
Click HERE To Order No Props & Count Me In NOW
"... Count Me In and No Props are
MUST HAVE books for anyone
wanting to create a positive
atmosphere in the class.
Brilliant activities that are
written so clearly and are easy
to follow. My students love the
variety and the fast paced
changes of activities. Couldn't
be happier ..."
      - Heath, teacher, VIC
"... 'No Props' is one of the
biggest selling education books
we have - no activity leader
should be without it! There is NO
SUBSTITUTE for such a superb book
filled with quality games &
activities ..."

- Red Rock Adventure Prod, QLD
"... The activities in Count Me
In are great. A huge plus has
been the way that the activities
get rid of the children's habit
of being picky about which
partners or groups they end up
with. I pointed this out to my
group and they were blown away by
the fact that the activities
become so much more fun when they
don't worry about social issues.
Thanks for putting together such
a great resource - keep up the
brilliant work ..."
    - Bernard, teacher, NSW
"... Mark, I have no words to
describe my joy. The book is in
my hot little hands :-). It is
great, and I'm sure it will be
good for our team ..."

- Dimitar, Youth Wkr, Bulgaria
"... I work for 3 and have been
using some of your idea's
(games/ice-breakers) in my team
warm ups when we have cold
calling days, they have all been
a massive success and I wanted to
say thank you..."

  - Kerry, corp' trainer, VIC
Order No Props & Count Me In TODAY and SAVE
"... I just wanted to let you
know how successful your No Prop
ideas have been with all our
groups. Even corporate groups,
which is amazing, because most of
the middle aged men thought they
wouldn't get anything out of
these "games"... I just can't
tell you how much I have
personally got out of all your
wonderful ideas ..."

   - Liz, Camp Program Leader,
"... I LOVE your "inspiration"! 
Thank you for all of the great
ideas which I so appreciate in my
classroom!  I'm so sad that I
loaned "Count Me In" to a
colleague, who has lost it...  :-
(   It's the beginning of my
school year, and that book really
is one of my core pieces ..."

      - Sharlene, teacher, USA
"... Mark is a fantastic
facilitator and I just love 'No
Props'. It is packed with loads
of activities, the book is easy
to read and handy to have
available ..."

    - Liz, Camp Director, NSW
"... ATTENTION facilitators,
teachers, group leaders, youth
workers and party animals!!! The
No-Props book is a fantastic
resource. Over the years, I have
used nearly every activity in it
and found them to be a powerful
way to get people connected and
create an engaging atmosphere.
Mark has really captured a
truckload of wisdom and placed it
into this great resource that
should be in every facilitator's
tool-bag ..."

   - Michael, Consultant, QLD
"... The volunteers and staff
went crazy for the No Props book
we gave them - they don't have
anything like that there, and
considering the lack of funds and
resources they're working with,
the books are proving to be
invaluable for their kids
programs. Most of the guys
wouldn't let them out of their
sight for the week they were on
camp with us ..."

  - Ang, Comm Dev Officer, VIC
Order No Props & Count Me In TODAY and SAVE
Order No Props & Count Me In TODAY and SAVE
"... Mark has a fantastic
approach to delivering games that
are focused on getting people of
all ages involved in fun and
productive interpersonal
activities. 'No Props' outlines
hundreds of games that are easy
to deliver... the information is
well presented and easy to
understand... it's an excellent
resource for anyone involved in
managing and training groups.
Check it out! ..."
David, Outdoor Educator, QLD
"... Over the years I'ver always
been able to refer to Mark for a
new take on an old game, and in
particular what can be done with
the least number of props. Both
of his books have a ton of ideas
about to achieve the most with
the least. Take a look, you'll be
pleased you did ..."
  - Karl Rohnke, author, USA
"... the books are amazing - I've
been using the activities on a
weekly basis ..."

         - Blake, teacher, WA